Metering System for Hammond Chemicals

New Metering System for Hammond Chemicals


Hammond Chemicals is a supplier of industrial solvents based in the West Midlands. They hold solvents in bulk storage at their Brierley Hill depot to enable cost-effective custom blending for their customers.

They needed a new metering system for their stainless steel bulk tanks and approached us. We have installed a chemical positive displacement flow meter and rotary vane pump and meter set.

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Tanker Metering & Ship Refuelling Equipment for CNC Petroleum

Back in December 2014 Alpeco began to work with CNC Petroleum to install our MF800 tank and electronic metering equipment to three new tankers.

Established in 2008, CNC is aiming to become the largest and most professional distributor in Singapore and Malaysia.  As well as delivering fuel across Singapore, the new tankers were used to demonstrate Alpeco’s metering equipment to other oil companies seeking to enhance their own fleet’s efficiency and safety, with CNC operating as Alpeco’s regional distributor.

Over the past 12 months our work with CNC Petroleum has developed much further.  With all three trucks performing well, they are keen to upgrade to Alpeco’s latest Truck III metering system to benefit form its load inventory and anti-crossover feature.  Having recently merged with NSL Oilchem Trading, the company now has a fleet of over 20 vehicles, all of which will require upgrading from mechanical registration to Truck III in the not too distant future.

CNC have also recently won new contracts for handling ship refuelling and have commissioned Alpeco to provide two high speed dispensing units, each providing two line metered delivery systems with flow rates up to 1000lpm with electronic registers linked to EA Projects fuel management system and a truck loading skid.


CHECKMATE Hits the Road

Our new CHECKMATE fuel delivery control system was launched at this year’s FPS Expo in Liverpool in April and it has been well received across the fuel industry over 40 systems already on the road, and many more orders to be installed over the summer.

John Horgan, National Fleet & Logistics Manager for Top Oil commented that the new CHECKMATE system offered significant benefits in terms of load security and traceability as well as eliminating costly mistakes.

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Truck III CHECKMATE & ACTI-Clear selected for Thomas Hardie Demo Fuel Tanker

coboIn a joint initiative with specialist bulk discharge and tanker builder HDE, Volvo dealer Thomas Hardie Commercials has put a new FE 6×2 rearsteer fuel tanker demonstrator on the road, installed with Alpeco’s new Truck III CHECKMATE fuel discharge equipment and ACTI-Clear feature, which reduces the costly risk of fuel contamination.  This function facilitates automatic closure of the delivery manifold at a predetermined point before the end of a pre-set delivery. This leaves the manifold and associated pre-meter pipe work empty of product after every delivery

The tanker was first exhibited at FPS Expo in Liverpool in April 2016 and is now being trialled by fuel companies around the country.  



Truck III and i-Meter Upgrade


Truck III and i-MeterDreamtec Software have been working in association with Alpeco to upgrade their i-Meter vehicle tracking system so that it can now capture the inventory information as well as delivery data meaning all on board stock can  be monitored from the office.  It can also show the type of oil and quantity in each of the compartments on a LIVE real time web based dashboard.

This new development is now in use by Glen Fuels, which has the new Alpeco TE550 Truck III meter fuel delivery system and i-Meter system installed.  The truck was built by Road Tankers Armagh and is making deliveries around Gorey, Co. Wexford.


Alpeco works with Standard Fuel Oils

Alpeco supplies 3-arm bottom loading skid

Having fitted Alpeco equipment on two new tankers last year, Standard Fuel Oils chose the same company to supply and install a new 3-arm bottom loading skid at its Merseyside depot in Knowsley

Following the commissioning of the new trucks, Alpeco was asked to quote for the supply and installation of a 3-arm bottom loading skid,” said Adrian Baskott.  “With the depot’s existing loading bay being an aged top loading construction, the key goals that Standard wanted to achieve were improved safety and efficiency.  As the new trucks were being equipped for bottom loading it made sense to realise the benefits of safer, faster loading.  We won the order, designing and building the skid at our Aylesbury premises within agreed timescales.”  Continue reading


A good Standard of tanker

Impressed with the performance of its newest tanker, Knowsley-based Standard Fuel Oils has ordered two more.

Fitted with Alpeco tank and metering equipment including the TE550 electronic register, the 5-compartment tanker, which is mounted on a MAN 6×4 chassis, was constructed by Road Tankers Northern and has been operational for over six months.

The vehicle has proved so successful that Standard Fuel Oils have ordered a further two vehicles which are based on the powerful but economic Volvo chassis fitted with Alpeco’s advanced Truck III metering system.

With a business ethos based entirely on good customer service, managing director, Nick Goodwin heads a team that has built an enviable local reputation.


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Nolan Oils Partners With Alpeco For Loading Upgrade

Alpeco Bottom Loading SkidWhen Nolan Oils decided to upgrade the fuel delivery station at their depot in Bicester, Oxfordshire, they turned to fuel distribution equipment specialist Alpeco Limited – conveniently based just 15 miles away along the A41 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

In upgrading their depot Nolan faced severe space constraints, yet needed to install a 4 arm bottom loading skid whilst keeping their existing top loading bay which facilitate the loading of third party trucks – many of which are not equipped for bottom loading. The space constraints on site meant that Alpeco had to design and build a bespoke unit in order to be able to site the skid where Nolan Oils needed it to be located. Continue reading