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Improving fuel accuracy to reduce disputes with fuel suppliers on a world famous super yacht.

Alpeco improve efficiency on SuperYachtOwning an 85 meter long, 2107 tonne boat with 4 main engines delivering 12,445 horsepower places the owner firmly in the super-rich bracket, but even the wealthiest of us all will keep a wary eye on costs, especially when filling a craft whose fuel capacity exceeds 250,000 litres!

When originally built the yacht was fitted with an ultrasonic fuel meter which was fine for deliveries up to 600 litres per minute though discrepancies were nearly always apparent between the yachts intake meter, the tank fuel gauges and the fuel providers own meter readings. As bunkering rates increased to 800 or even 1000 litres per minute the ultrasonic meter simply couldn’t read the faster intake volumes. . The ambient temperature also affects meter accuracy as fuel volume increases or decreases in line with temperature changes.
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