Electronic Bottom Loading Skid

Alpeco’s range of electronic bottom loading skids offer greater control and security of loading operations than mechanical skids as well as providing automated stock management and accountability.


Safety is of prime consideration in our design process – Alpeco bottom loading skid units are built in accordance with all necessary safety standards and ATEX requirements.

Alpeco offer a full installation service for all our bottom loading skids.

Contact Adrian Baskott on 01296 619510 or sales@alpeco.co.uk for more information.

Electronic Bottom Loading Skid

Electronic Bottom Loading Skid Features

  • Options for electronic registers include Contrec, VEGA and Sampi Truck III variants, all of which can be linked to terminal automation or fuel management software packages.
  • Designed to meet all petroleum industry standards and regulations.
  • ATEX approved components.
  • Colour coded hose covers identify Diesel, Kerosene and Gas Oil loading arms.
  • High accuracy Liquid Control flow meters for optimum stock accountability.
  • Onboard centrifugal pumps sized to meet flow rate requirements.
  • OCV digital control valves for high flow rates and smoother start/stop control.
  • Galvanised steel frame gives long life without the need for regular painting.
  • F228 – API, 4 claw, quick release, dry break Bottom Load couplers.
  • Overfill prevention rack monitor with earth surveillance.
  • Thermal/pressure relief system.
  • Vapour pot with vent stack and hi level liquid cut off.

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