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Stand Alone Electronic Metering

Alpeco’s TE550 Truck III electronic registers and Liquid Control flow meters can be combined as a stand alone fuel flow meter for use on gantries and with top loaders.

Alpeco’s electronic fuel metering systems combine the ultimate in terms of accurate fuel measurement together with total system control and flexible build options. The Truck III register can be calibrated for multiple products which removes the traditional losses associated with mechanical meters when delivering Kerosene.

Liquid Controls flow meters provide unequalled accuracy (0.03% over entire flow range) and long term reliability with minimal recalibration requirements.

Truck III stand alone kit

  • Truck III display
  • Truck III CPU
  • Epson printer
  • Pulse output device (POD)
  • Solenoid box
  • Voltage stabiliser and wiring loom
  • New system plate

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Product Range