Mechanical to Electronic Metering Retrofit Kit

Alpeco’s TE550 Truck III retrofit kits are the ultimate way to convert from mechanical metering to full electronic metering.


As the Truck III electronic register can be calibrated for multiple products you remove the traditional losses associated with mechanical meters when delivering Kerosene.

The mechanical to electronic metering retrofit kit can come complete with temperature compensation to reduce errors due to temperature variations.  The system will display the temperature on screen and can print the temperature with net and gross reading on the delivery ticket.

Using the Truck III’s inbuilt memory, it will record the last 1500 deliveries and events for you to view, print or download.

Minimise the chance of accidental product crossover with the CHECKMATE Control system where the operator has to select and confirm product grade, compartment, delivery mode and volume to be delivered via the on-screen menu.

You can add the i-meter to upgrade the system to include full tracking, and this plugs into the unit with one lead

Other upgrade options also include the remote control giving the operator stop / start and high / low flow controls at the end of the delivery hose.