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Truck III Electronic Register

The new Sampi TE550 Truck III electronic register is a completely programmable electronic register for the control and measurement of petroleum products.

The new electronic truck register from Sampi boasts a major re-design in terms of the CPU components, display layout and functionality and incorporates completely new inventory software as standard.

The TE550 Truck III register can display totalizers, flow rate, preset values and help messages for the operator. Its flexible and modular structure, with a wide range of options, makes it the ideal solution for any number of uses.

The electronic register can be integrated into the CHECKMATE fuel control system and with the iMeter vehicle tracking system making remote monitoring and maintenance real advantages at your fingertips.

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Product Range

Truck III Electronic Register Features

    • 6 compartment inventory system that lets you plan and control the correct product delivery in real-time. It can manage up to 6 product categories and 2 meters. Each category can be further customized by selecting up to 5 commercial names.
      • This real time inventory software, allows the operator to record the grade and volume of product loaded into each tank compartment, after which the in-cab printer automatically produces a “bill of laden” confirming the time, date and the load details. As the tanker completes each delivery the volume discharged is then automatically deducted from the respective “inventory” and the volume left on board is shown on the meter display at the touch of a button or printed on a ticket at any time
    • On screen display confirms compartment grade and volume left on board.
    • Prevents accidental opening of an incorrect compartment – thereby eliminating costly cross-over’s.
      • In the event that an operator accidentally selects a “wrong” grade or compartment, Truck III displays a “Warning! “ message and prevents opening of the compartment until the correct grade/compartment selection has been made, thus preventing costly contaminations.
    • Time and date stamped Inventory ticket showing compartment contents and summary of volumes delivered, can be printed at any time.
    • When installed with an i-Meter, all deliveries and contents left on board can be seen real time on the office PC.
    • New large font display with simplified set-up menu and on screen prompts for ease of operation, plus multilingual support, functional keys and printer sharing functionality.
    • Improved connectivity with other devices such as in-cab computer systems though HSDPA, WI-FI, Bluetooth, GPS, RS 485 & 232.
    • Remote diagnostic and set up features plus with an alert system for periodical maintenance programs.

Truck III Electronic Register Applications

A modular and flexible design, with a wide range of available options, makes the TE550 Truck III Electronic Register the ideal solution in applications such as:

  • petroleum and tankers loading
  • LPG bobtail loading
  • rail tankers loading
  • chemical loading
  • asphalt & bitumen loading
  • aviation refueller truck loading
  • blending controller
  • custody transfer
  • drum refilling

Case Studies

Alpeco win large order for new TE550 Truck III
Alpeco win large order for new TE550 Truck III flow meter systems Alpeco Limited, a major company within the Flomax Group, have won their largest order to date for their new TE550 Truck III electronic register system from Hull based existing client Rix Petroleum, one of the UK’s oldest remaining, family owned independent fuel product …

Truck III CHECKMATE & ACTI-Clear selected for Thomas Hardie Demo Fuel Tanker
Truck III CHECKMATE & ACTI-Clear selected for Thomas Hardie Demo Fuel Tanker In a joint initiative with specialist bulk discharge and tanker builder HDE, Volvo dealer Thomas Hardie Commercials has put a new FE 6×2 rearsteer fuel tanker demonstrator on the road, installed with Alpeco’s new Truck III CHECKMATE fuel discharge equipment and ACTI-Clear feature, …

Truck III and i-Meter Upgrade
Truck III and i-Meter Upgrade Dreamtec Software have been working in association with Alpeco to upgrade their i-Meter vehicle tracking system so that it can now capture the inventory information as well as delivery data meaning all on board stock can be monitored from the office. It can also show the type of oil …


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