CHECKMATE Fuel Metering Control System

The Sampi Truck III Electronic Register can be integrated into the Alpeco’s CHECKMATE fuel metering control system.


The NEW Truck III CHECKMATE fuel tanker control system was launched at the beginning of 2016.  This new electronic fuel metering control system replaces the TE550 Checkmate and offers many improvements to improve fuel delivery efficiency.

The CHECKMATE electronic fuel metering system minimises the chance of accidental product crossover, as the operator has to select and confirm product grade, compartment, delivery mode and volume to be delivered via the on-screen menu.

Once selected, colour-coded LEDs remind the operator of grade and compartment selected, along with real-time on-screen prompts and delivery information.

Our new ACTI-Clear feature is now included as standard which minimises costly fuel contamination.

CHECKMATE Control System


  • Totally new modular electro-pneumatic control system
  • Segregated electrical and pneumatic control front facia panel
  • New design stainless steel enclosure with gas strut assisted door mechanism for long term durability.
  • Cabinet lamp to illuminate control panel
  • Integrated engine start/stop controls
  • PTO Switch
  • Hose reel breaker
  • Brightly Illuminated LED indicators give confirmation of compartment, grade and delivery mode selection
  • Gauges monitor air and pump pressures.


Case Studies


How To Videos

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