The new ACTI-Clear feature in our Truck III CHECKMATE Control system reduces the costly risk of fuel contamination.

This function facilitates automatic closure of the delivery manifold at a predetermined point before the end of a pre-set delivery. This leaves the Manifold and associated Pre-meter pipe work empty of product after every delivery

ACTI-Clear benefits include reduced line change volume and minimal cross-contamination when switching between grades.  This is a major improvement for operators, given the current interest by HMRC concerning the potential loss of duty as a result of product contams, plus improvement in the quality of product delivered to the consumer.

View ACTI-Clear in action

Metered Fuel Delivery

We supply 400, 800 and 1100 lpm metered fuel delivery systems

Truck III Electronic Metering

TRUCK III Electronic register offers significant operational and business benefits.

TE550 register and Checkmate control module

Our CHECKMATE Control system is a stainless steel, easy to operate work station for an entire tanker delivery system

Truck Metering Options

Alpeco offer a range of additional truck metering features including ACTI-Clear, iMeter tracking and tanker remote controls.

Truck Metering Retro Fit Kits

Optimise the accuracy of your ancient mechanical metering system by converting to electronic registration with our Truck III retrofit kit.

Truck Metering Ancilliaries

Alpeco supplies a range of tank truck components including product grade indicators, fuel vapour recovery, tanker manhole lids and fuel truck foot valves.