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Tanker Truck Radio Remote Control

Alpeco’s new wearable radio remote control provides tanker operators with “End of hose” control over the truck metering system.

As well as freeing up the operators hands in order to handle the delivery hose and other tasks involved with fuel deliveries, the NEW remote gives START/STOP and HI/LOW flow control of the delivery system without having to return to the truck, thus eliminating unnecessary running of the truck pump and meter during the hose connection process and providing an Emergency Stop in the event of an accident.

Eliminate Dry Running

This small wearable radio transmitter enables remote control fuel loading by allowing the operator to start and stop the pump and meter system without having to leave the delivery point and return to the tanker, thus eliminating dry running and possible heating of re-circulated fuel

Stop Quickly in event of burst hose or overfill

The operator can stop the delivery quickly in the event of a burst hose or overfill and is able to reduce the flow rate on difficult deliveries.

Override Facility

The remote control is lightweight, compact. and can be worn on the operators wrist, in a pocket or equipped with a lanyard and worn around the neck, whilst batteries can be periodically re-charged via a USB charger connection.

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