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Tanker Manhole Lids

Alpeco’s 500mm Tanker Manhole lids are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ADR and BS EN13317.

The 2 piece construction of our tanker manhold lids allows for the fill hole cover to be rotated in order to allow for the “Dip aperture” to be positioned along the centre line of the tank compartment.

The vapour transfer valve can be mounted directly to the tanker manhole cover and rotated through 45⁰ in order to give good alignment of the vapour transfer tube with the vapour collection valance.

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Product Range

Tanker Manhold Lid Features

    • 500mm Aluminium base plate
    • Rotatable and removable fill hole with 2 stage release mechanism and lockable cover arm.
    • Compliant with BS EN13317
    • Adjustable fill hole cover
    • 3 apertures for mounting ancillary equipment
    • 10.7 Kg
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