Fuel Vapour Recovery Adapters

Alpeco vapour recovery adapters currently offer the lowest pressure drop available to maximise fuel vapour recovery


  • Fully interchangeable with all existing vapour couplings
  • The non return valve also allows emergency repair or servicing of the vapour coupler without loss of vapour
  • The non return valve will protect unmanned terminals from loss of vapour from damaged equipment
  • A sight glass giving a visual indication of fluid and valve internals incorporated as standard in 4″ only
  • Self seal coupling for both truck and gantry adapter ensure vapours are contained when disconnected
Fual Vapour Adaptor 400AIC


VAP400CVapour Coupler designed to virtually eliminate pressure drop at the terminal when loading multiple arms on the loading rack.
VAP400C-MSAs above but for use in countries which require a sensed position indicator. This coupler has a magnetic sensing switch which can be used to signal that the coupler is open.
VAP400NA non-return valve with virtually no pressure drop. This valve is specifically designed for vapour recovery applications.
VAP400AIC4” vapour adaptor fitted with a dust cap, an interlock for interlocking brakes and a vapour dump valve when a vapour hose is connected
PKL400-VAPA 4” parking lug is designed to allow the VAP400C to be parked up without opening the valve
VAP300CSelf-sealing vapour coupler designed for 3″ vapour hoses. Lightweight design for ease of handling at the forecourt
VAP300C-HAs above but supplied without handle
VAP3HADP3″ special adaptor to attach the VAP300C to a 3″ hose. Fitted with a standard 3″ nut and liner end connection.
VAP3HTAIL3″ special swage hose tail to attach the VAP300C to a 3″ vapour hose
DVR400300-A4″ coupler head with vapour probe to be used with VAP3HTAIL