Fuel Truck Foot Valves

Alpeco supply 3″ or 4″ fuel truck foot valves, designed for top and bottom loading.


Foot valves are an important safety feature, designed to prevent the flow and loss of fuel should run off pipes get damaged.

They can also be known as Emergency Valves, Bottom Valves, Belly Valves, Internal Valves or Sump Valves.


Fuel Truck Foot Valve Features

    • Non pressure balanced design
    • 4″ foot valve poppet assembly is common to both standard and low profile foot valves
    • 4″ foot valves have viton seals as standard
    • High grade aluminium LM25-TF used throughout
    • Low pressure drop giving high loading and gravity discharge rates
    • All Perrett foot valves have flow guides built into the design. The guide streamlines the flow, creating less turbulence and reducing static build up
    • 4″ foot valves meet requirements of BS EN 133082
    • All our seals are easily replaced or serviced without removing the foot valve from the tanker.