Fuel Tanker Product Return System

Our patented fuel product return valve design facilitates spillage free product line change and transfer between tankers or compartments at ground level.


The fuel product return system can have a standalone control box or can be integrated into the manifold control box.

Product Return Valve



The tanker product return valve overcomes the need for drivers to climb on top of the vehicle to transfer loads or change the product within the hose. The system is safe, clean and simple to operate.

Easy to Fit

The product return valve can be supplied for direct mounting on to the Alpeco API manifold body or with a flange for mounting to existing vehicles. The one flange fits both 3in and 4 in pipe-work and can be retrofitted to existing vehicles with minimal time out of service. The system comes with pre-assembled valves, control system and integral open/close indicators.

Low Maintenance

The sectional design allows full maintenance without removing the main flange from the tanker.