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Road Tanker Equipment & Spares

Our highly experienced engineering and service team can support the needs of your business from start to finish with custom design solutions, driver training, after sales service and flow meter calibration.

Complete road tanker packages to spare parts

For over 40 years Alpeco have supplied the fuel market with our high quality road tanker equipment and understand that your business depends upon getting maximum usage and efficiency from your tanker fleet and equipment. We have developed our truck metering systems to help your business improve control, management of stock, audit trails and delivery information.

We can supply everything from complete road tanker fuel delivery systems to one off tanker parts and valves. We carry a large stock from bottom loading adaptors to top loading faucets available from next day delivery.

Complete road tanker metering solutions

Our Truck III CHECKMATE metering system combined with the Liquid Controls fuel flow meter and our MF range of bottom loading equipment now provides the most advanced metering system on the market. The CHECKMATE system minimises the chance of accidental product crossover, and the addition of our ACTI-Clear function reduces line change volume and cross-contamination when switching between grades.

  • Tanker Metering Systems

    Our tank truck metering systems combine world-renowned LC flow meters and ultrasonic air sensors with industry proven cargo pumps.
  • CHECKMATE Fuel Metering Control System

    The Truck III CHECKMATE fuel tanker control system offers many improvements to improve fuel delivery efficiency.
  • iMeter Tank Truck Tracking

    The i-Meter is a system for tracking the vehicle and the stock movements on the vehicle.
  • Tanker Truck Radio Remote Control

    Alpeco’s new wearable radio remote control provides tanker operators with “End of hose” control over the truck metering system,

  • Fuel Product Grade Indicator

    Our simple & robust 10 position fuel product grade indicator for rigid and semi trailer tankers helps prevent cross-overs and contaminations.
  • Tank Truck Valves & Components

    Alpeco supply a complete range of truck valves and spare parts including bottom loading manifolds, fuel product grade indicators,
  • Truck Overfill Prevention

    ATEX approved and compatible with all UK gantry systems, Alpeco’s Overfill Prevention equipment is failsafe in operation and ensures optimum
  • Mechanical to Electronic Metering Retrofit Kit

    Alpeco’s TE550 Truck III retrofit kits are the ultimate way to convert from mechanical metering to full electronic metering.
  • Stand Alone Electronic Metering

    Alpeco’s TE550 Truck III electronic registers and Liquid Control flow meters can be combined as a stand alone fuel flow meter for use on gantries and with top loaders.

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Product Range