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Veeder-Root Mechanical Register

Alpeco recommends the Veeder Root mechanical register combined with Liquid Controls flow meters to enable mechanical metering where electronic metering is not possible.

We use Liquid Controls positive displacement flow meters combined with Veeder-Root mechanical registers to enable mechanical flow metering.

The Veeder-Root mechanical registers have been the industry standard for metering for many years and can be fitted to flowmeters for all types of road tanker, fuel depot and plant installations.

They are ideal for situation where basic stand-alone metering is required or where the site or environment doesn’t readily support the installation of more complex electronic registers and control systems as one of the main benefits is that no power is required to run the mechanical head.

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Product Range

Mechanical Register Features

    Robust & Accurate

    • The Veeder-Root register is a very robust and highly accurate option for metering applications. It has bulletproof construction for maximum dependability at high delivery speeds and the built-in precision totalizer means accurate readings up to 99,999,999 units.

    With optional ancillaries

    • The Veeder-Root system is made up of three components the Register, Preset and Printer. The register has a large 5 digital numerical counter and built-in non-resettable precision totalizer and can be supplied with other commonly supplied ancillaries such as: printer, pre-set and two stage valve, inlet strainer, air eliminator and mechanical temperature compensation device.

    Can be fitted with Pulse Output Devices

    • The Mechanical counter can also be fitted with a Veeder-Root 1871 or 7671 pulse output device for applications which require data transmission to remote computers or fuel management systems.


  • Speed: 250 rpm of right Register wheel.
  • Drive Torque: During counting, average running torque at room temperature with a 1:1 ratio gear plate is 4 oz.-in. (2.8 N-cm). During display wheel transfer from all 9’s to all 0’s, the torque may reach 16 oz.-in. (11.3 N-cm). Number of Figures: Delivery display: 5. Totalizer: 8 Size of Figures: Delivery display: 0.750? high, 0.400? wide (19.05, 10.16 mm).
  • Totalizer: 0.125? high, 0.078? wide (3.18, 1.98 mm).
  • Colour of Figures: White on black, except black on white right totalizer wheel designating tenths. Others optional.
  • Character Configuration: 0 to 9. Models available with tenths indicated by decimal point. Options available.
  • Reset: Knob.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 degrees to +71 degrees C (-40 degrees to +160 degrees F).
  • Style of Figures: Veeder-Root/Cornell for optimum readability of all primary displays.
  • Mounting: Eight 1/4 X 28 tapped holes with steel inserts on 6-5/8? (168.275 mm) diameter. Special adaptors are available to convert nearly all meters to accept this register.
  • Construction: Cover: cast aluminum. Sub-frames and case: cast Zamak. Finished in corrosion resistant epoxy.
  • Wheels, pinions and clutch: acetal resin.
  • Gearing: 1:1 is standard. 1:1 through 42:1 are available.
  • Lubrication: Periodic.
  • Rated Life: 50,000 reset cycles or 25,000,000 revolutions of right wheel, whichever comes first, under normal operating conditions.

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