Bulk Flow Metering

Alpeco Ltd supply a wide range of high quality products for accurate bulk flow metering.


We supply the renowned Liquid Controls M and MS-Series of positive displacement flow meters for bulk flow measurement from 1050lpm to 3785lpm.

All Liquid Controls bulk flow meters are Weights and Measures approved for accurate and cost-effective custody transfer of petroleum products, aviation fuels, petrochemicals and other industrial liquids in the loading and unloading of transports, tankers, railcars, ships, barges and more.

All our bulk liquid flow meters can be provided with mechanical or electronic registers.

Please get in touch on 01296 619510 or email sales@alpeco.co.uk with any queries on bulk fuel metering.

LC M Series Flow Meter

LC M Series Flow Meters

Liquid Controls M25, M30, M40, M60 and M80 can be used for bulk flow metering, with flow rates from 1050lpm to 3300lpm.

LC MS Series Bulk Flow Meter

LC MS Series Bulk Flow Meters

The Liquid Controls MS series is a range of steel and stainless steel bulk flow meters designed specifically for petroleum products, LPG and aviation fuels, with flow rates of up to 3,785lpm.

LC Bulk Metering Ancilliaries

Bulk Metering Ancilliaries

We stock a range of ancilliary products to support bulk flow metering such as strainers, air eliminators etc.