Liquid Controls Flow Meters

Alpeco Ltd has been the UK distributor of the Liquid Controls’ positive displacement flow meter range for over 30 years.  


Liquid Controls positive displacement flow meters are known worldwide for exceptional accuracy, reliability, and longevity in a broad range of applications.  

From truck applications metering refined petroleum products and LPG, to process applications metering a wide range of industrial liquids, their combination of low pressure drop with minimum seal or slippage area offers better accuracy over a wide range of flow than other commercially-produced positive displacement flow meters.  

positive displacement Flow Meter

Liquid Controls flow meters are suitable for batch processing, flow rate control, blending and custody transfer of liquids across a broad range of products, viscosities, temperatures and pressures.

The positive displacement flow meters can be supplied with mechanical counters and registers or with the LC Pulse Output Device (POD) for compatibility with the TE550 Truck III electronic registration systems or other scalable, pulser-driven counters, batch controllers and flow computers.

With a range of sizes from 1.5” (227 lpm) up to 6” (3785 lpm) mechanical or electronic registers, along with a host of ancillary components for air elimination, temperature compensation, differential valves and filters, Liquid Controls flow meters offer the ultimate in terms of accuracy, reliability and performance, whatever your application.

We only supply genuine Liquid Controls flow meters.

Select the correct Liquid Controls pd flow meter for your requirements with our LC model number generator or simply contact Adrian Baskott on 01296 619510 or email for more information.

Liquid Controls Positive Displacement Flow Meter Features

  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Longer life
  • Sustained accuracy – Liquid Controls’ no metal-to-metal contact design inside the measuring chamber means minimal deterioration in accuracy over time with fewer recalibrations.
  • Wide temperature range—products can be metered accurately from -40° F (-40° C) to 160° F (71°C).
  • Wide viscosity range – these positive displacement flow meters can accurately meter products from less than 30 SSU (less than 1 centipoise) to 1,500,000 SSU (325,000 centipoise).
  • Pressure rating to 150psi / 10.5 BAR
  • Available in;
    • aluminium
    • stainless steel
    • brass
    • cast iron

Positive Displacement Flow Meter Applications

Truck Metering

Refined fuels


Aviation fuel

• Alternative Fuels

Lube oils

• Agricultural chemicals


Bulk Plant/Terminal Metering

• Crude petroleum products

• Refined petroleum products and LPG

• Alternative Fuels

Industrial chemicals/solvents

Marine fuel/bunker oil

• Hot asphalt/Asphalt emulsions

Dispenser metering

• LPG and diesel fuel


Industrial process metering

• Liquid sweeteners/corn syrup

• Paints and coatings

• Pulp and paper

• Pharmaceuticals

• Printing inks

• Concrete add mixtures

• Industrial liquids

Liquid Controls Flow Meter Specifications

LC-M5 1 ½ or 2” 250 LPM
LC-M7 2” or 1 ½” 500 LPM
LC-M10 2” 550 LPM
LC-M15 3” 1000 LPM
LC-M25 3” 1050 LPM
LC-M30 4”or 3” 1300 LPM
LC-M40 4” 1700 LPM
LC-M60 4” or 6” 2800 LPM
LC-M80 6” 3300LPM

Construction Materials
Meter chamber – Cast aluminium, Cast Iron and Stainless steel
Rotor – Cast aluminium, Cast Iron and Stainless steel
Seals – Buna, Viton, PTFE
Bearings – Carbon, PTFE, Ni-Resist

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