Fuel Flow Meters

Alpeco combines Liquid Controls fuel flow meters with high quality electronic or mechanical registers for accurate fuel flow measurement.


Alpeco have been supplying fuel flow meters into the Authorised Distributor (AD) market for over 30 years.  

Liquid Controls Fuel Flow Meters

We are the UK distributor of Liquid Controls fuel flow meters which offer exceptional quality, accuracy, reliability and versatility and can be used on fuel tankers and barges, on loading skids in depots and in standalone applications such as marine fuel dispensers.  

With no metal-to-metal contact within the measuring chamber, these fuel flow meters provide low wear and long service life.  Ancilliary products include air eliminator and strainer, valve and choice of mechanical or electronic registration with optional temperature/volume compensation.

We can combine these flow meters with high quality mechanical or electronic registers depending on your requirements.

Truck III Electronic Register

The TE550 Truck III electronic register is more than just a facelifted version of the previous generation TE550. The new unit boasts a major re-design in terms of the CPU components, display layout and functionality and incorporates completely new inventory software as standard.

The Liquid Controls designed unit can be used in three functions: Standalone, Retrofit and with the Alpeco’s CHECKMATE system for an entire tanker delivery system.

It can also be used as a simple batch controller of the Liquid Controls range of meters.

Veeder-Root Mechanical Register

The Veeder-Root mechanical registers have been the industry standard for mechanical metering for many years and can be fitted to flow meters for all types of fuel depot, plant and road tanker applications.

As no power is required to run the mechanical head, they are ideal for situation where basic stand-alone metering is required or where the site or environment doesn’t readily support the installation of more complex electronic registers and control systems.

Select the correct fuel flow meter for your requirements with our LC model number generator or simply contact Adrian Baskott on 01296 619510 or email sales@alpeco.co.uk for more information.

Complete tanker metering systems

Tank Truck Metering Systems

Alpeco Ltd offers a versatile range of multifunctional tank truck metering solutions offering excellent functionality and improved control and management of stock, audit trails and delivery information.

Stand Alone Electronic Fuel Metering

Alpeco’s TE550 Truck III electronic registers and Liquid Control flow meters can be combined as a stand alone fuel flow meter for use on gantries and with top loaders.

Fuel Tanker Loading & Metering Equipment

Fuel & Tanker Loading Systems

Alpeco’s range of bottom loading skids and depot tanker loading systems have been selected by leading fuel distribution companies around the world.  All our skids are customisable to your requirements and constructed in our UK workshop.

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