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V7 Preset Valve

LC’s Positive Displacement Meter V7 Preset Valves are designed to function with a mechanical preset to effectively shut down the flow after a predetermined amount of product is delivered.

The V7 preset valve can be mechanically shut down in a single stage or in two-stages. Single stage shut downs are generally utilized with slower flow rates or with more viscous products where hydraulic shock is less of an issue. A two-stage shutdown allows for a slowing of the flow rate before the final positive shutdown, thus avoiding hydraulic shock.

Liquid Controls V7 Valves are designed for a wide range of applications and flow rates and have minimum pressure loss. Careful engineering and construction ensure smooth, accurate, and controlled operation.

V7 Series valves offer the important advantage of a pressure-balanced dashpot design that ensures precise valve response and soft closure at shut-off. Operation is smooth and easy regardless of the line pressure since the vector forces are directed at right angles to the valve opening mechanism and are never in opposition to it.

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Product Range

V7 Preset Valve Specification


    • For M5, M7 and M10 Meters, Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 14, 15, 16, 27, 30 and 37, Buna or PTFE seals or seals made of Viton®.
    • This angle valve is indexable in 90° increments with valve outlet facing up, down, back or front.
    • Rated to 150psi.

    Materials of Construction

    • Aluminum
    • Cast Iron
    • Stainless Steel

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