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Solenoid Operated Valves

We supply single stage and two-stage solenoid operated valves which provide a low-volume dwell period to eliminate hydraulic shock and provide flexible control and greater accuracy of a preset delivery.


Solenoid valves can be used in almost any application to control fluids and gasses. Solenoids offer fast and safe switching, high reliability and long service life.

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Product Range
Solenoid Valve Features

    Solenoid Block Valve:
    Provides simple on/off operation typically applied for security purposes to prevent unauthorized operation.

    Two-Stage Control Valve:
    Provides system security and prevents unauthorized operation. Slow closing microprocessor controlled valve, allows for preset, net and/or gross volume, and/or price.



Model: Flow Capacity: Max Pressure:

  • A2843 200 GPM (757 LPM) 350 PSI (24 BAR)
  • A2859-11 200 GPM (757 LPM) 350 PSI (24 BAR)
  • A2847-11 200 GPM (757 LPM 150 PSI (10 BAR)
  • A2848-11 200 GPM (757 LPM) 150 PSI (10 BAR)

Two-Stage Operation:

  • S1 first-stage closure for M-5 and M-7 Meters: 6 Gallons (23 liters) minimum.
  • S1 first-stage closure for M-10 Meters: 10 Gallons (38 liters) minimum.
  • S1 first-stage closure for M-15 Meters: 12 Gallons (45 liters) minimum.


  • -40° F to +160° F (-40° C to +71° C).

Pressure Rating LPG:

  • Maximum non-shock working pressure: 350 PSI (24 BAR)
  • Maximum differential pressure: 125 PSI (8.6 BAR).

Pressure Rating Refined Fuels:

  • Maximum non-shock working pressure: 150 PSI (10 BAR)
  • Maximum differential pressure: 100 PSI (6.9 BAR).

Electrical Data:

  • Solenoids: +12 volt DC coils (+24 volt DC optional).
  • Current: 1 Amp maximum per solenoid.


  • Explosion-proof, UL approved for NEMA 7
  • requirements for Class I, Division 2, Group C and
  • D hazardous locations.
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