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Mechanical Air Eliminator

Liquid Controls mechanical vapour and air eliminators remove air and vapor from metering systems.

Removing the air and vapor from a metering system increases the accuracy of the meter by allowing only liquid to pass through the meter for measurement.

At installation, LC mechanical vapour and air eliminators are piped to a storage tank to provide a pathway and a receptacle where the evacuated air and vapor can be deposited. After the air (or vapor) has left the metering system, mechanical air and vapor eliminators seal off the pathway to prevent liquid from entering the storage tank.

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Product Range


    The Liquid Controls Air Eliminator can be used across a range of applications including;

    – Aviation
    – General Industrial
    – Marina
    – Other Mobile Applications
    – Terminal & Bulk Plant
    – Truck

Mechanical Air Eliminator Specifications


  • Aluminum high pressure for use with 350 PSI, MA4, MA5, MA7 and MA15 Meters.
  • Materials of construction for Class 10 LPG Service. Other Classes available on special order, including class 12 NH3. Relief valve provided as required for Classes 10 and 12 applications


  • Cast iron 150psi for use with M7 meters.
  • Materials of construction for Classes 7, 27 and 37 applications.


  • Stainless steel 150psi for use with M5 and M7 Meters.
  • Materials of chttps://alpecoltd.comonstruction for Class 8 applications.
  • Designed for installation on F7, Class 8 Strainer.

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