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Differential Valves

Differential valves work in conjunction with air elimination valves to stop the flow of product through the meter until the vapor is eliminated from the system

Differential valves are spring loaded valves on the outlet side of the meter. Most Liquid Controls meter systems with a vapor eliminator also have a differential valve – the vapor eliminator and the valve are piped together at installation.

Differential valves are normally closed, but when the pump starts and pushes product into the system, the valve spring will give way to the flow pressure. In order to keep the valve closed when vapor is being expelled from the vapor eliminator, the vapor from the vapor eliminator is routed through the piping to the back side of the valve spring. The combined force of the expelled vapor and the strength of the spring keep the valve closed until the vapor is eliminated.

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Product Range

Differential Valves Features

    The standard 2″ aluminum diaphragm style valve is spring loaded and designed to fail closed. The valve provides a constant 15 psi differential pressure and controls flow when vapor is sensed.

    The 511-series differential valve is available with an adjustable differential pressure setting of 5 to 16 psi. This valve is available in ductile iron or cast steel in sizes of 2″, 3″, 4″ or 6″ flanges. These valves are typically used with our MS-series meters and accessories.

Differential Valves Specifications

Model No Material Spring Seals Applications
A2811 Cast Iron Standard Vitron Chlorinated Solvents
A2817 Aluminium Standard Vitron Petroleum Products
A28171 Aluminium Medium Vitron Petroleum Products
A28172 Aluminium Heavy Duty Vitron Petroleum Products
A2821 Aluminium 2650 LPM/ 700 gpm PTFE Liquid Sweeteners, Methanol
A2826 Aluminium Standard Vitron Liquid Sweeteners
A2831 Cast Iron Standard PTFE Caustics
A2851 Aluminium Standard EPT NH³ Applications
A2862 Stainless Steel Standard PTFE Acidic PH Liquids
Model No Material Spring Seals Applications
A3830 Aluminium, Aluminium Guide Standard Vitron Aviation Fuels
A3845 Aluminium, Bronze Guide Standard Vitron Petroleum Products
Model No Material Spring Seals Applications
A4845 Aluminium Standard Vitron Petroleum Products

Materials of Construction

  • Aluminum
  • Ductile Iron
  • Cast Steel

K7 Valves

Used on M5 and M7 flow meters – 1½” and 2 ” meters
Maximum flow rate = 150gpm (568lpm)
Working Pressure: 150psi (10.5bar)

K15 Valves

Used on M15 and M25 flow meters – 3″ meters
Maximum flow rate = 300gpm (1,136lpm)
Working Pressure: 150psi (10.5bar)

K30 Valves

Used on M30 and M25 flow meters – 3″ meters
Maximum flow rate = 300gpm (1,136lpm)
Working Pressure: 150psi (10.5bar)

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