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Bulk Plant Air Eliminator

Bulk air eliminators protect your positive displacement meters from excessive wear as well as improving accuracy by preventing air from being measured.

Liquid Controls bulk plant air eliminators remove air and vapor from metering systems. Removing the air and vapor from a metering system increases the accuracy of the meter by allowing only liquid to pass through the meter for measurement.

During offloading, air can enter become trapped inside the custody transfer system. If the trapped air is allowed to pass through the flowmeter’s measuring chamber, the meter will measure the air as if it were product. The registered volume will be incorrect, and the error will become a permanent part of your inventory records. Bulk plant air eliminators remove air from high volume custody transfer systems before it can enter the measuring chamber and cause registration errors.

At installation, LC mechanical air and vapor eliminators are piped to a storage tank to provide a pathway and a receptacle where the evacuated air and vapor can be deposited. After the air (or vapor) has left the metering system, mechanical air and vapor eliminators seal off the pathway to prevent liquid from entering the storage tank.

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Product Range

Bulk Air Eliminator Applications

    Liquid Controls Bulk Air Eliminator can be used across a wide range of industries;

    • Terminal Loading/Unloading
    • Truck
    • Railcar
    • Barge
    • Ship
    • Bulk Plant
    • Crude Petroleum Processing

Bulk Air Eliminator Specifications

  • For use in any 150 PSI working pressure system using aluminum M-Series or steel MS-Series Meters.
  • Choice of 3", 4", 6" and 8" ANSI flanged connections.
  • The end connections: 3", 4", 6" or 8"
  • Raised Face ANSI.
  • Working pressure: 150psi

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