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Flow Meter Ancillaries

Alpeco supply a wide range of ancillaries for Liquid Control positive displacement flow meters.

  • Veeder Root Mechanical Register

    We combine the Veeder-Root mechanical registers with Liquid Controls positive displacement flow meters to enable mechnical flow metering.

  • Electronic In-Cab Printers

    Epson™ printers are used with the TE550 Truck III truck metering system

  • Pulse Output Device (POD)

    The LC Pulse Output Device converts the rotary motion of a pd flowmeter into electronic pulses, allowing the meter to interface with..Read More

  • Veeder Root Pulser

    Veeder-Root Pulsers automate the mechanical meter registers and can be used in other applications that require precise emission of pulse signals to a remote display or data system.

  • Electronic Temperature Volume Compensation (ETVC)

    LC's Electronic Temperature Volume Compensation kit virtually eliminates the effect of product..Read More

  • F7 Flow Meter Strainer

    Strainers help to protect meters from serious damage caused by burrs dislodged from new piping, pipe scal..Read More

  • F15 Flow Meter Strainer

    LC's F15 Strainer helps to protect meters from serious damage - compatible with M15 and M25 meters.

  • Solenoid Operated Valves

    We stock LC single stage and two-stage solenoid operated valves.

  • LC Sound Air Detector

    The LC Sound is an ultrasonic air sensor which continuously monitors the presence of air/gas in a delivery.

  • Bulk Plant Air Eliminator

    Bulk air eliminators protect your positive displacement meters from excessive wear as well as improving accuracy by preventing.. Read More

  • Mechanical Air Eliminator

    Liquid Controls mechanical air eliminators increase the accuracy of the meter by removing air and vapor from metering systems.

  • V7 Preset Valve

    LC’s Positive Displacement Meter V7 Preset Valves are designed to function with a mechanical preset to effectively shut down the flow after a predetermined.

  • V15 and V30 Preset valves

    V15 and V30 Preset valves are designed to effectively shut down the flow after a predetermined amount of product is delivered.

  • LC Air Check Valve

    LC Air Check Valves for use with M7, M10, M15, M25 and M30 positive displacement flow meters.

  • Differential Valves

    Differential valves work in conjunction with vapor eliminators to stop the flow of product through the meter until the vapor is eliminated from the system.

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