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Vega T Electronic Register

The VEGA T Electronic Register has been designed primarily for road tank truck, aviation dispenser and refueller applications.

A light weight, slim design with large LCD display are key features of the VEGA T. Full functionality and user friendly, combine to provide the operator with maximum satisfaction. The display is easily viewed both night and day, includes individual fields for relevant information. A comprehensive array of tactile buttons provides positive feedback to data entry and operations. One or two Positive Displacement or turbine meters can be connected to the unit using pulse emitters. Alternative meters can also be used as long as the VEGA T is provided with a suitable pulse feed.

The VEGA T is an ‘all in one’ unit: power supply, output relay and circuits for one or two meters, are all included within the slim, anodised aluminium housing. All the external devices (e.g. pulse transmitter, temperature probes, valves, interlocks) can be directly wired to the unit without the need for junction boxes / barriers. Intrinsically safe circuits allow the use of inexpensive ‘simple apparatus’ such as temperature sensors, start/stop pushbuttons and interlock inputs.

Communication serial ports are designed for connection to printers, on board computers. By developing a new technique using anodised aluminium, the attractive and practical VEGA T has been designed as explosion proof and with W/P rating of IP66. VEGA T complies with ATEX Directives, and MID Directives.

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Product Range

Vega T Electronic Register Features

    • single or dual meter control for simultaneous operation
    • temperature compensation with any ASTM table
    • up to 8 products per meter
    • preset control
    • calibration curve correction
    • continuous view of delivered net and gross volume, weight,rate of flow, temperature
    • clear view of information and prompts
    • range of rate of flow and temperature control
    • self diagnostics for internal parts and external devices
    • non volatile memory for setups and more than 200 transactions
    • remote START/STOP control
    • level switch, interlocks control
    • two stage, multistep, or on/off preset valve control
    • override after preset capability
    • hoses and compartment valve selection
    • five communication ports for printers or computers (Proprietary or ModBus protocol)
    • configurable print-out for ticket or continuous fold printers
    • highly accurate 4 wires Pt100 thermo probe accepted
    • driver identification via pin code or badge reader
    • stand alone or on board computer controlled operations
    • configurable emergency functions
    • switch-on/off button on side of custody (optional)

Case Studies

Ship Refuelling Equipment for CNC Petroleum
Ship Refuelling Equipment for CNC Petroleum

We were asked to design, build and deliver two high speed dispensing (bunkering) units to be installed on a jetty at Penjuru in Singapore. The dispensers were required for refuelling a range of vessels from small leisure craft to large boats with diesel at flow rates of 100 LPM or 500 LPM depending on the type of boat and volume required.
New fuel depot equipment for Goff Petroleum
New depot for Goff Petroleum

Goff Petroleum approached Alpeco to design and delivery a 3-arm bottom loading skid for their Kent depot. The skid is fitted with Liquid Controls M25 flow meters and VEGA-T electronic registers.

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