Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Alpeco supplies high quality positive displacement flow meters, which can be supplied with electronic or mechanical registers, retrofit kits and ancilliaries


Positive displacement flow meters are precision instruments which offer the only truly accurate method of measuring fluid flow. No other metering system can achieve such accuracy because measurement only occurs when fluid is moving through the flow meter.  Positive displacement meters can measure intermittent flows, very low flow rates, and liquids of almost any viscosity. 

Positive Displacement Flow Meters for all Applications

Available in many sizes, configurations and materials of construction, Alpeco supply genuine high-quality Liquid Controls positive displacement flow meters to fulfill your needs.

Bespoke Design & Expert Advice

If you require more than just a positive displacement flow meter we can offer a design package for a complete system with pump and controls valves and work with you to find the perfect solution.

For expert advice or place an order, please call Adrian Baskott in our Technical Sales Team on 01296 619510 or via sales@alpeco.co.uk

Liquid Control Positive displacement Flow Meter

Liquid Controls flow meters are known worldwide for exceptional accuracy, reliability and longevity in a broad range of environments from tanker to process applications.

Bulk Flow Meters

We supply the renowned Liquid Controls M and MS-Series of flow meters for bulk flow measurement.

Fuel Flow Meters

The Liquid Controls fuel flow meters can be used on fuel tankers and barges, on loading skids in depots and in standalone applications such as marine fuel dispensers.

LPG Flow Meters

Liquid Controls MA and MS-Series flow meters are designed to perform well with any liquid, including “dry” liquids with very low viscosity and lubricity such as liquefied petroleum gas (also known as propane, butane or LP gas).

Electronic Flow Metering

Alpeco combines Liquid Controls pd flow meters with the Truck III register for highly accurate electronic flow metering.

Mechanical flow meter

Alpeco supply mechanical flow meters for situations where electronic metering is not possible.


Alpeco supply a wide range of ancillaries for Liquid Control positive displacement flow meters.