Positive Displacement Rotary Vane Fuel Pump

Rotary vane pumps are used for liquid transfer applications from chemicals to liquefied gases and can also be known as sliding vane pumps or rotary positive displacement pumps

The RVP Series pump is a special type of rotary positive displacement pump. The rotary vane fuel pump consists of a rotor turning inside a cam that is machined eccentrically in relation to the rotor. As the rotor turns, the liquid that is trapped between the rotor, cam and vanes is displaced. The pumps are made with vanes produced from advanced polymers which exhibit extremely low coefficients of friction. The self adjusting vanes compensate for wear and help extend the life of the pump.

The rotary vane pump has many of the positive displacement advantages of the gear pump, plus the ability to compensate for wear, and operate at a lower noise level.

RVP rotary vane fuel pumps are available from stock as bare shaft units or as part of an engineered solution with hydraulic, electric motor or diesel engine drive options.

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    • Available in 2”, 2.5” and 3” sizes with seal options for fuels and a range of solvents and chemicals, RVP positive displacement sliding vane pumps are ideal for truck and industrial applications requiring flow rates of up to 1000 LPM.

    Higher Flow Rates

    • These Sampi sliding vane fuel pumps guarantee higher flow rates than other pumps at the same speed and can operate with viscous or light fluids.

    Self-adjusting for Optimum Performance

    • The vanes within the pump are manufactured in a polymer which has a very low coefficient of friction. As the vanes are self-adjusting, if wear occurs the vanes adjust to keep the rotary vane pump pump at optimum performance and extending the life of the pump.


    • As the Sampi RVP series is a positive displacement pump it is self-priming.


Rotary vane pumps are used across a range of applications within the LPG, refined fuels and chemical industries.

Originally designed for fuel and light petroleum products applications, RVP pumps are also available in special executions for industrial and chemical products like solvents, resins, inks and so on. Due to its efficiency this kind of pump can handle viscous and also volatile liquids and requires less horsepower than other equivalent pumps.


  • Aviation
  • General Industrial
  • Marina
  • Other Mobile Applications
  • Terminal & Bulk Plant
  • Truck

Rotary Vane Pumps can be used on both mobile and stationary systems;

  • On mobile systems (eg road tankers):
  • Direct drive from truck PTO through cardan joint
  • Hydraulic motor drive with adaptor
  • Pumping set with diesel engine with plate to fix on truck chassis

Customised solutions including pump, meter, hose reel, accessories to match installation requirements for any kind of truck

  • On stationary systems (eg terminal, bulk plants and dispensing points)
  • Electric motors with belt & pulley or gearbox drive
  • Diesel engines, where electric supply is not available

High flow dispensers, with electric motors, with rubber hose and nozzle, also with hose reels for long distance dispensing, marine and aviation refuelling


Click here to download an overview of Sampi Rotary Vane Pumps

RVP20 2″ 333 l/min (88 GPM) @ 780 RPM 4250 cP (20000 SSU) 13,8 bar (200 PSI)
RVP25 2½”€ 602 l/min (159 GPM) @ 780 RPM 4250 cP (20000 SSU) 13,8 bar (200 PSI)
RVP30 3″ 1026 l/min (271 GPM) @ 640 RPM 4250 cP (20000 SSU) 13,8 bar (200 PSI)