Centrifugal Fuel Pump

Alpeco supply a range of ATEX Centrifugal Fuel Pumps for bottom loading skids and other applications.


These ATEX centrifugal fuel pumps have a cost-effective design which promotes space saving and eliminates problems associated with baseplate and coupling alignment leading to lower installation and capital costs.

The pumps also include impellers cut to duty this saving energy consumption without extending the standard delivery.

Typical applications for ATEX Centrifugal Fuel Pumps include;

  • Tanker loading
  • Aircraft fuel duties
  • Chemical transfer
  • Biodiesel processes
  • Fuel transfer
  • Process coding

Please contact Adrian Baskott on 01296 619510 or sales@alpeco.co.uk for more information.

Centrifugal Fuel Pump

Centrifugal Pump Features

Design Features

  • Robust cast iron casing and support frames
  • Casing incorporates replaceable wear ring
  • All standard pumps are fitted with high efficiency shell moulded impellers
  • TEFV motors fitted as standard. Other motor options available
  • Foolproof EPS design taper locking system simplifies fitting stub shafts to standard motors
  • Incorporates mechanical seal to DIN 24960

Design Benefits

  • Eurorange uses ‘off the shelf’ standard metric IEC TEFV Flameproof motors
  • Stub shafts fit directly onto standard motor shaft – no drilling or priming required

Cost Effectiveness

  • Space saving
  • Eliminates the problems of baseplates and coupling alignment
  • Lower installation and capital costs

Centrifugal Pump Specifications

5.5kw for 900 LPM

7.5 kw for 1200 LPM

11kw for 1500 LPM

Download full ATEX Centrifugal Fuel Pump Specifications

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