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CC10-24 Tank Truck Vane Pump

The new CC10-24 tank truck vane pump from Mouvex offers increased pump efficiency and reduced delivery times

The Mouvex CC10-24 vane pump is a vehicle-mounted solution for the loading and unloading of petroleum products by trucks. It includes all of the same features and benefits as the original Mouvex CC8 rotary vane pump while incorporating a variety of improvements.

  • Smaller
  • Lighter (70.6 lbs./32 kg)
  • Quicker (up to 1,500 rpm)
  • Quieter (72 dBA)
  • Increased efficiency

Along with these advancements, the CC10-24 features an integrated by-pass designed to protect against excessive pressures and overheating, and is equipped with a 500-micron strainer. Mouvex CC10-24 pumps are also virtually maintenance free, reversible and have been engineered with double ball bearings for longer pump life.

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Product Range

CC10-24 Tank Truck Rotary Vane Pump Features

    • Flow rates up to 42 m3/h (185 gpm)
    • Pressures to 145 psi (10 bar)
    • Pump speeds to 1,500 rpm.
    • Compatible with biofuels, biodiesels, heating oil, diesel, and kerosene
    • Compact size to fit in small, narrow spaces
    • Quiet operation (72 dBA)
    • Constant flow rate over time
    • Integrated bypass to avoid excess pressure
    • Unused shaft end is protected by casing
    • Line stripping capable
    • Available with a 3-year warranty
    • Offered in cast iron and steel
    • Optional features include mechanical by-pass with spring 72.5 or 145 psi (5 or 10 bar), pneumatic by-passand SAE A hydraulic trunk.
    • ATEX certificate available on request

CC8-10 Tanker Vane Pump Specification

  • Construction: Cast Iron, Steel
  • Vanes: 6 TVP vanes
  • Bearings: Double ball bearings
  • Fittings: Mouvex, carbon/stainless steel, FKM seals
  • By-pass: Integrated by-pass protection
  • Static seals : FKM
  • Flanges: Against flanges bored

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