OCV Differential Control Valve

Alpeco are the UK distributors of OCV Differential Control Valves


OCV’s Series 110 Differential Control Valve is designed to accurately control the pressure difference between any two points. In some systems this means the valve remains closed until pressure differential commands its opening. It is a pilot-operated, modulating type valve which controls pressure accurately and consistently at the desired setting.

OCV Differential Control Valve

OCV Differential Control Valve Features

  • Operates automatically off line pressure.
  • Heavy-duty, nylon-reinforced diaphragm.
  • Rectangular-shaped, soft seat seal provides drip-tight Class VI closure.
  • Diaphragm assembly Guided top and bottom.
  • Throttling seat retainer for flow and pressure stability.
  • Easily maintained without removal from the line.
  • Replaceable seat ring.
  • Alignment pins assure proper reassembly after maintenance.
  • All OCV valves are factory tested.
  • OCV Valves are serial numbered and registered to facilitate replacement parts and factory support.

Differential Control Valve Specifications