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Perrett Globe Hydrovalves

The Perrett Hydrovalve has been in production for over 50 years – its uses range from industrial laundry machines to cement plants. The Hydrovalve is a pneumatically operated globe valve.

The Perrett Hydrovalve range is regularly used in industries such as oil distribution, water services, foundry machinery, laundry, concrete mixing plant, sand blast equipment, air dryers and many other remote fluid control situations.

The hydrovalve is designed to control the flow of liquid and air to 125psi with an operating pressure of 40-100psi. The compact globe valve design enables a considerable saving in space to be achieved when compared with other remotely operated flow control valves.

We supply hydrovalves spares kits which include all the working seals in the assembly of the valve. A full range of the metal components such as spindles and pistons are available. Please contact the Sales team on 01296 619510 for an assembly drawing to suit your valve.

We can also supply replacement heads for the complete range of valves, including all the working parts, except the body. This is ideal in old installations where the body is in existing pipe work and would be hard to remove. With a replacement head you can unscrew the old and install the new with minimum production down time.

For expert advice or to place an order please contact our Sales Team.

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Product Range
Hydrovalve Features

    Hydrovalves are manufactured by Alpeco in the UK and are constructed from high quality materials like gunmetal, brass and stainless steel, with nitrile seats, piston cups and gland seals. All components are readily accessible for easy servicing or for the fitting of replacement components.

    The hydrovalve globe type body comes in ¾”, 1”, 1½”, 2” and 3” sizes all with BSP female threads.

    Hydrovalves come in 4 different versions:

    HVF Single Acting Hydrovalves

    • are designed for low pressure applications such as fluids up to 10psi
    • Operated by a single air signal
    • It is normally closed

    HVG Single Acting Hydrovalves

    • are designed to close when a signal pressure is applied to the top of the piston
    • The pressure of flow the valve can control is proportional to this signal pressure
    • Operated by a single air signal
    • It is normally open

    HVM Double Acting Hydrovalves

    • are designed to be held in the closed position by a relatively light spring and the pressure in the top cylinder.
    • Opened by venting top cylinder and applying air pressure to lower cylinder
    • Operated by two air signal
    • It is normally closed

    HVJ Pressure Balanced Hydrovalves

    • uses the pressure of the product to help close the valve and prevent valve hammer on closing.
    • Operated by a single air signal
    • It is normally closed
Hydrovalve Specifications

Download the full Perrett Hydrovalves Specification


Line Pressure: Up to 125 psi (8 bar)
Medium: Water, air and fluids compatible with contact seal
Main Body Thread: BSP taper
Operating Pressure: 40-100 psi (2.8 – 6.9 bar)
Operating Medium: Pneumatic or hydraulic
Operating Connection: 1/8” BSP
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