Watson chooses Alpeco for depot expansion

watson fuel depot bottom loading skid

The Watson Group chose Alpeco loading skids for its growing number of fuel depots across the UK.

‘We’ve just supplied a fourth skid to Watson Petroleum for installation at another new depot,” says Adrian Baskott, Alpeco sales director. Stuart Morgan, Watson’s operations manager now specifies Alpeco skids for installation in all the company’s fuel depots.

Stuart added: “Alpeco skids are compact and very well engineered units. Once delivered to site the skid only requires connection to the storage tanks and the mains so within a couple of days we can be loading and delivering to our clients. The four arm skid unit recently installed at our Rutland depot was fitted with LC M40 flow meters and 11Kw pumps capable of loading rates of 1700lpm. A single Contrec 1010 electronic register controls all four pumps and communicates load information directly to our depot fuel management system.

“Alpeco skids are simple to operate, accurate and reliable, but that’s not the whole story. Just as we’ve worked hard to create and maintain a good relationship with our clients, Alpeco has created a good working relationship with us from order through to on site commissioning and service.”

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