Truck III CHECKMATE & ACTI-Clear selected for Thomas Hardie Demo Fuel Tanker

In a joint initiative with specialist bulk discharge and tanker builder HDE, Volvo dealer Thomas Hardie Commercials has put a new FE 6×2 rearsteer fuel tanker demonstrator on the road, installed with Alpeco’s new Truck III CHECKMATE fuel discharge equipment and ACTI-Clear feature, which reduces the costly risk of fuel contamination. This function facilitates automatic closure of the delivery manifold at a predetermined point before the end of a pre-set delivery. This leaves the manifold and associated pre-meter pipe work empty of product after every delivery

The tanker was first exhibited at FPS Expo in Liverpool in April 2016 and is now being trialled by fuel companies around the country.


Thomas Hardie tanker fitted with Alpeco new Truck III CHECKMATE fuel discharge equipment