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Tanker Metering & Ship Refuelling Equipment for CNC Petroleum

Back in December 2014 Alpeco began to work with CNC Petroleum to install our MF800 tank and electronic metering equipment to three new tankers.

Established in 2008, CNC is aiming to become the largest and most professional distributor in Singapore and Malaysia.  As well as delivering fuel across Singapore, the new tankers were used to demonstrate Alpeco’s metering equipment to other oil companies seeking to enhance their own fleet’s efficiency and safety, with CNC operating as Alpeco’s regional distributor.

Over the past 12 months our work with CNC Petroleum has developed much further.  With all three trucks performing well, they are keen to upgrade to Alpeco’s latest Truck III metering system to benefit form its load inventory and anti-crossover feature.  Having recently merged with NSL Oilchem Trading, the company now has a fleet of over 20 vehicles, all of which will require upgrading from mechanical registration to Truck III in the not too distant future.

CNC have also recently won new contracts for handling ship refuelling and have commissioned Alpeco to provide two high speed dispensing units, each providing two line metered delivery systems with flow rates up to 1000lpm with electronic registers linked to EA Projects fuel management system and a truck loading skid.