New Tanker with iMeter for Western Fuels

alpeco tanker equipment

Severe winter snow storms didn’t stop Craig Lamont, managing director of Western Fuel, personally delivering heating oil in a brand new tanker to one of his major customers who runs a large factory near Taunton, in Somerset, UK. The emergency call went out for heating oil in order that the customer could continue production during the coldest spell seen in the UK for 50 years. The new tanker was supplied by Lakeland Tankers, and was fitted with Alpeco metering and pump equipment.

Alpeco’s Adrian Baskott was on site at Western Fuel’s depot when the new tanker arrived, so when Lamont stepped into the breach by offering to deliver the fuel himself, Baskott volunteered to accompany him. Baskott commented: “The terrible weather had prevented some drivers from getting in while others were on delivery runs leaving an important customer on the brink of running out of heating oil and having to close down. Craig offered to give the new tanker its maiden run personally so I went with him. Happily the tanker and our equipment performed faultlessly in the most atrocious conditions.”

Alpeco specialises in metering and pumping systems for delivery tankers and offers the TE550 Checkmate system control module which provides control over the manifold, foot valves, product return, reel/bulk selection and engine stop/start, minimising the chance of accidental product crossover, as the operator has to select and confirm product grade, compartment, delivery mode and volume to be delivered via the TE550 on-screen menu. Once selected, colour-coded LEDs remind the operator of grade and compartment selected along with real time on-screen prompts and delivery information.

Alpeco also offers MID approved standard and high speed bulk delivery systems capable of hose-reel deliveries of up to 400 LPM and bulk deliveries of 1100 LPM. The MID approved Hi Speed Bulk system differs from the standard DMX Bulk systems by employing a larger capacity meter chamber and pump unit but the company can tailor systems to any client requirement.

In October 2009 Alpeco was appointed distributor of i-meter v2, manufactured by Dublin-based company Dreamtec. The i-meter is a tracking device which not only tracks tankers, but monitors and reports all meter and delivery information back to HQ. This simple but extremely clever device can be mounted onto any Alpeco Lectrocount or TE550 meter system. Once installed it will record and report all tanker activity in real time. A web-based, password-protected “Dashboard Viewer” allows the despatch office to view the position and route for each tanker as well as download PDF copies of the meter ticket immediately after each delivery.

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