New 4 Arm Bottom Loading unit for Naas Oils in Southern Ireland

Bottom Loading Skid System with positive displacment flow meters

Naas Oils based in Naas, near Dublin have placed an order with Alpeco Limited of Aylesbury for a new loading skid which is a 4 arm bottom loading unit fitted with Liquid Control M25 meters and centrifugal pumps giving loading rates of up to 1100 LPM. Each meter is fitted with the TE550 electronic register giving individual control for each meter. The skid is configured for loading of gas oil, diesel and kerosene.

The skid is to be installed in a new depot close to the current HQ in Naas and is the first unit Alpeco have supplied to the Republic of Ireland. Adrian Baskott, Sales and Marketing Director of Alpeco commented: ‘All of Naas’s trucks are equipped with Alpeco tank and metering systems. They have some of our previous model meter systems called Lectrocount 3, which was extremely reliable and widely used within the fuel AD industry. More recently Naas have been supplied with the TE550 Checkmate system, 2 trucks in 2009 built by Road Tankers Northern, and a third unit has now been ordered again through Road Tankers Northern.’

Brian King, Managing Director of Naas Oils said: ‘We have 11 lorries presently in the fleet and have ordered the new 4 arm loading skid. We have been getting very good service from the Lectrocount 3 with an excellent record of only one or less breakdowns per year, they are very reliable! The load skid is going into a new storage depot in Naas which will improve the speed of loading for the lorries. It will be safer and more convenient for the driver. It has digital readouts and will be linked to stock control and dipping systems on the tank.’