Fuel speed at Peterhead

Iain Smith of John A Smith & Sons specifies Alpeco Hi Speed Bulk delivery systems whenever he purchases a new fuel delivery tanker.

Late last year Iain took delivery of 2 new vehicles from Lakeland Tankers and both were fitted with Alpeco MID approved HI SPEED BULK systems capable of hose-reel deliveries of up to 400 LPM and bulk deliveries of 1100 LPM.

Iain Smith commented. ‘Marine deliveries are strictly controlled so we need a reliable, fast turn around. The Alpeco high-speed delivery system suits our needs perfectly and accordingly, they are our preferred supplier.’

Adrian Baskott, the Sales & Marketing Director at Alpeco filled in some of the technical details. ‘The MID approved HI SPEED BULK system differs from our standard DMX Bulk systems by employing a larger capacity LC M25 meter chamber and Mouvex CC8-65 pump unit. The TE550 CHECKMATE control modules which were also fitted to the two new tankers delivered to John A Smith in Peterhead provides control over the manifold, foot valves, product return, Reel/Bulk selection and Engine Stop/Start.’

Critically, Alpeco’s TE550 CHECKMATE control module minimises the chance of accidental product cross-over as the operator has to select and confirm product grade, compartment, delivery mode and volume to be delivered via the TE550 on-screen menu. Once selected, colour coded LED’s remind the operator of grade and compartment selected along with real time on-screen prompts and delivery information.