Connon Oils improve safety and efficiency

fuel loading skid for connon brothers

Connon Oils, an Aberdeenshire supplier of oils, coal, gas and lubricants for domestic, agricultural and engineering users, wanted to improve safety and efficiency by installing a new 4-arm bottom loading skid.

Richard Connon, managing director at Connon Oils, asked Alpeco for advice, having heard of the company’s reputation and products. Negotiations completed, Connon Oils placed the order and the new 4-arm bottom loading skid was manufactured, installed and commissioned on time and within budget.

The client placed a second order for three delivery tankers equipped with Alpeco 550 pumping equipment. One is Tasca Tanks built 4-wheel tanker while the others are 6-wheel RTN built tankers. All three are now successfully plying their trade throughout Aberdeenshire and the surrounding areas.

Northern Scotland is renowned for its harsh winter climate and Connon is delighted with the performance of the products all of which have functioned perfectly through the hardest winter in the region for over 50 years.