CHECKMATE Hits the Road

Alpeco Checkmate tanker equipment on Sweeney Oils

Our new CHECKMATE fuel delivery control system was launched at this year’s FPS Expo in Liverpool in April and it has been well received across the fuel industry over 40 systems already on the road, and many more orders to be installed over the summer.

John Horgan, National Fleet & Logistics Manager for Top Oil commented that the new CHECKMATE system offered significant benefits in terms of load security and traceability as well as eliminating costly mistakes.

The new system offers many improvements and new features to improve fuel delivery efficiency and reduce costs.

Records stock movements with programmable inventory and the onscreen display confirms compartment grade and volume left on board.

Reduces accidental product crossover, as the operator has to select and confirm product grade, compartment, delivery mode and volume to be delivered via the on-screen menu.

Minimises cross-product contamination – Alpeco’s ACTI-Clear feature facilitates automatic closure of the delivery manifold at a predetermined point before the end of a pre-set delivery. This leaves the Manifold and associated Pre-meter pipe work empty of product after every delivery

Compatible with the i-Meter truck tracking system so all deliveries and contents left on board can be seen real time on the office PC