Alpeco works with Standard Fuel Oils

standard fuel oils mechanical bottom loading skid

Having fitted Alpeco equipment on two new tankers last year, Standard Fuel Oils chose the same company to supply and install a new 3-arm bottom loading skid at its Merseyside depot in Knowsley

Following the commissioning of the new trucks, Alpeco was asked to quote for the supply and installation of a 3-arm bottom loading skid,” said Adrian Baskott. “With the depot’s existing loading bay being an aged top loading construction, the key goals that Standard wanted to achieve were improved safety and efficiency. As the new trucks were being equipped for bottom loading it made sense to realise the benefits of safer, faster loading. We won the order, designing and building the skid at our Aylesbury premises within agreed timescales.”

The skid is equipped with Liquid Controls M25 mechanical flow meters capable of loading rates up to 1100 litres per minute with all of the necessary safety features needed to provide a safe, reliable and economic solution when loading road tankers.

Installation was carried out by Alpeco’s sub contractor STK who kept operational disruption to a minimum by keeping the existing top loading bay operational whilst the new skid was being installed and commissioned.

The 2014 tankers feature Alpeco’s 5 compartment BLVR and Actiman manifold system and Alpeco MF800 bulk metering system with TE550 electronic register and metered uplift facility.

Standard also has a further two new tankers on order. Both will be fitted with Alpeco equipment including the new TRUCK III electronic register with inventory and cross over prevention software.

Head Office Depot and General Manager Sab Hoctor was delighted with the installation.

He said “Alpeco did a great job with the installation and the skid is now fully operational. It is used on a daily basis and with an average 15 minutes saved with loading each truck, it is saving over 2 hours in man-hours each day”. Sab added “the new bottom loading skid has increased productivity massively compared to the dated top-loading facility we used to use. Although still here and operational, the top-loading facility is slower and not as user-friendly as the new Alpeco bottom-loader”.