Alpeco win large order for new TE550 Truck III flow meter systems

Rix Petroleum tanker with alpeco fuel control system

Alpeco Limited, a major company within the Flomax Group, have won their largest order to date for their new TE550 Truck III electronic register system from Hull based existing client Rix Petroleum, one of the UK’s oldest remaining, family owned independent fuel product distributors. Rix Petroleum operates from numerous branches located throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Mercia, Midlands, North East, East Coast of Scotland, East Anglia and Essex and they have again shown their loyalty and confidence in Alpeco, by appointing them the preferred equipment supplier for 17 new trucks ordered in June 2013 from Tasca tankers.

Prior to placing this valuable order Rix Petroleum studied all the available and emerging technologies that might reduce or eliminate potential operator error whilst increasing the efficiency of their expanding vehicle fleet. With 90% of the Rix Petroleum fleet already fitted with Alpeco products and with the client extremely satisfied with the working relationship, it was a natural progression for the two companies to continue working together.

Alpeco and Liquid Controls tailored development of the new TE550 Truck III to provide Rix Petroleum with the solution they were looking for. On its own an important order, especially given the extremely difficult trading period the UK has been through, but the major significance is the fact that all 17 tankers are now in service and two of them have operated the all-new TE550 Truck III electronic register faultlessly since their introduction. The remaining 15 trucks are now to be upgraded with the new system which has been designed to address the growing need for operators to monitor the volumes of fuel loaded, delivered and left on board the tanker at any given time.

The TE550 Truck III system is much more than a face lift version of the previous TE550 unit. The new product boasts a major re-design in terms of the CPU components, display layout and functionality and incorporates completely new inventory software as standard. In brief the inventory software allows the operator to input the meter the volumes and grades of product loaded into each vehicle compartment . Once this information has been entered and saved, the in-cab printer produces a bill of laden confirming the time, date and the load details. As the tanker completes each delivery the volume discharged is then automatically deducted from the respective “inventory” and the volume of fuel left on board is shown on the flow meter display at the touch of a button.

Furthermore, should the operator accidentally selects a “wrong” grade of fuel or compartment the new TE550 Truck III displays a message advising the operator to check his selection and prevents any possibility of cross-product contamination. All movement through the product return system is also monitored and true volumes in the relevant compartments are then calculated and on-board totals amended accordingly. TE550 Truck III also benefits from the inclusion of a new radio remote with an extensive operational range incorporating a repeat meter display in the hand set.