Alpeco Is TOPs In The Republic of Ireland

TopOil choses Alpeco

When John Horgan, the National Fleet Manager for Tedcastles Oil Products (TOP), wanted to upgrade his 75 strong delivery fleet, he turned to Alpeco Limited, the Buckinghamshire based specialist provider of metering systems for fuel delivery tankers. TOP is one of Ireland’s longest established fuel importers and distributors and the company is part of the Tedcastles Group which is 100% Irish owned by the Reihill family and has a trading history dating back over 200 years.

The TOP brand boasts an extensive network of over 30 company owned fuel depots, twenty authorised distributors and over one hundred retail and unmanned fuel card and pay@pump sites. The company delivers home heating oil, commercial gas oil and diesel throughout the Republic of Ireland, with a more limited presence in Northern Ireland.

TOP has invested heavily in their state-of-the-art fuel terminal in Dublin Port, to ensure that it is adequately equipped to meet the needs of customers and the very latest Health and Safety standards. In addition to Kerosene, Gas oil, Road Diesel, Unleaded Petrol, Bio-diesel and Bio-ethanol products the company supply a complete range of fuels to the market and ensure security of supply.

With such a pedigree, Alpeco had much to live up to but claim to have met the challenge head-on.

With five TOP vehicles already fitted with Alpeco’s TE550 metering systems (TOP had the first 5 TE550 CHECKMATE units fitted to Maidment tankers in 2009), John Horgan had no hesitation in ordering a further 25 TE550 CHECKMATE units to be fitted to his other TOP trucks which were fitted with conventional metering systems. The new TE550 CHECKMATE units enable the recently installed OUTRAK in-cab computer systems to communicate and capture delivery data after each delivery. This he felt standardised his vehicles, making it easier for all of his staff, especially drivers who might be asked to move back and forth between vehicles, so a single metering system common to all makes life a lot simpler.

Alpeco’s TE550 Checkmate II metering system can handle up to 7 different products and benefits from additive injection, fully automated temperature compensation, precise electronic flow and pressure control whilst housing all system controls in a redesigned cabinet fascia making it the ideal choice for TOP. The TE550 enables the use of temperature compensation in addition to offering a minimum delivery volume of 150 litres. Critically, all NMO/MID system approvals have been fully amended for the TE550 Checkmate II.

John Horgan recalled. “As a company we were trying to standardise our fleet, so using Alpeco’s TE550 metering system, which we had tried and tested over a long period of time, made perfect sense. The installers were Fitzgerald Commercials who are very familiar with Alpeco equipment and also act as service agents for Alpeco products in Ireland. OUTRAK, our other Irish partner, (I-meter) supplied and installed the truck computer systems.

“We have fitted 15 of the new systems at present and have agreed a programme to fit the remainder. We are very happy with the way things are going. Establishing a good working relationship with both Alpeco and their Irish agents has meant that these important systems are fitted here in Ireland which is a major benefit as both metering systems and computers are installed, commissioned and serviced by three competent companies in collaboration.”

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