New Product: CC10-24 Pump


Tighter chassis space, Faster PTO speeds and increased flow rates, were all factors which had to be taken in to account when Mouvex design engineers set about the development of a new pump for the road tanker market.

Designated the CC10-24 the pump was launched at FPS 2018, since then a small number of units have been on trial and we are pleased to report that the results have been outstanding! after 18 months of trouble-free operation the new CC10 is proving to be every bit as reliable as its CC8-50 ancestor.

  • Similar in design to the 8 bar CC8-50, the CC10-24 is rated to 10 bar, which should result in higher flow rates, especially when 200 feet of 35 mm bore hose is a common requirement on todays road tankers.
  • Port configuration is still side by side, but the unit is considerably smaller,making it easier to fit in some of the confined spaces which present themselves on new truck chassis.
  • The CC10-24 weighs in at only 32kg which is some 16 kg lighter than the CC8-50.
  • With a claimed noise level of 72db, the CC10 is also very quiet in operation.

As of now the CC10-24 will be supplied as standard with all MF400 meter systems and will be covered by Alpeco’s standard 2 Year ‘date in to service warranty’.