Mobile high speed fuel transfer pump for PetroAfrica

PetroAfrica Fuel Meter Trailer

PETROAFRICA Ltd is a specialist independent wholesale and retail supplier of fuel, lubricants and logistics services, located in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. The company is a supplier of diesel, petrol and kerosene to haulage companies, independent petrol stations, commercial, construction and telecommunication industries.

Monitoring of fuel deliveries in and out of the companies storage facility was becoming a major problem as few of the trucks delivering had any metering equipment fitted. As a result PetroAfrica commissioned Alpeco to design & build a customised trailer mounted pump and flow meter which could be used both as a stripping pump for off-loading product from road tankers into storage and also as a loading system for filling PetroAfrica’s own tankers

The CAD-designed fuel pump and meter set was mounted to a robust Ifor Williams trailer with pipe work and hose’s configured to facilitate metered and non-metered deliveries with flow rates up to 900 LPM.

RVP30 3” positive displacement cargo pump complete with inlet filter, fully assembled together with close coupled 3 phase 7.5 H.P ATEX approved electric motor complete with stop start panel, flying lead and plug for connection to 3 phase supply.

Liquid Controls M15-G-X-1 flow meter with strainer, air eliminator, Veeder-Root mechanical counter and printer, air check valve and hose kit.

The completed unit was fully tested and calibrated at Alpeco’s workshop prior to shipping to Tanzania.


Rotary Vane Pump & PD Flow Meter Trolley  Fuel Meter & Pump Trailer for PetroAfrica