Magnetic Flow Meter & Batch Control System for Greater Accountability

Magflow meter for AB Vickers

AB Vickers Ltd has a history of over 200 years in the manufacture and supply of process aids to the brewing industry. Initially focused on products used in the clarification of beer, the company has subsequently broadened its product range and has developed a significant global business, supplying process aids to breweries on every continent.

Liquid Isinglass (Finings) is added to beer post-fermentation to clarify by removing yeast and protein particles. Ready for use and concentrated products are available. Isinglass is essential for cask beer production in that it quickly yields bright beer with a tight stable sediment.

AB Vickers have just extended their contract with DHL for the transport and distribution of their Isinglass Finings.  Their existing 8 year old stainless steel road tanker has just been completely refurbished by manufacturer Crossland Tankers.

Alpeco were selected to supply a replacement mag flow meter and batch control system to meet AB Vickers need for improved accountability.  The system included a 2″ Promag electromagnetic flow meter and Contrec Trac-40 electronic register to offer highly accurate measurement of the dispensed product.

mag flow meter and batch control system