Local Fuel Power the way with Cobo and Alpeco

With UK tanker builders currently quoting lead times of over 12 months, a number of distributors have been
prompted to shop further afield for new vehicles.
This was a problem for Shoreham based Local Fuel as they urgently needed six new tankers to replace ageing vehicles within their fleet. So, when Operations Director David Mack learned that Spanish tanker builder Cisternas COBO could offer delivery of new tankers within 4 months, they were immediately interested to know more!
Whilst COBO are no newcomers to the UK market, its true to say that they have largely focused on the semi-trailer market and that the number of rigid trucks sold had been very small.
However, once it was established that the chassis and tanker equipment would all be supplied and supported from the UK, sufficient confidence was instilled, and the order was placed with the Spanish manufacturer for six new tankers.
The new four and five compartment COBO tanks are mounted on DAF LF and CF chassis and fitted throughout with Alpeco equipment featuring:
  • MF400NV metering systems with CHECKMATE control module.
  • Truck III electronic register.
  • Temperature compensation.
  • Actiman manifold, Product return, HLCO, and radio remote control.
All of which is to be fully supported under Alpeco’s 5-year R&M contract.
Local Fuel MD Anthony Salvige commented, “these are the first new trucks we have purchased for several years and we are looking forward to putting them to work early in the New Year.”
A number of other distributors have also placed orders with the Santander based factory and we are pleased to say that the majority of them are to be fitted with Alpeco tank and metering equipment.