Five Arms for Standard Fuel Oils

Five Arms for Standard Fuel Oils

As we all know, the ability to provide fast efficient delivery of fuels to consumers when it is required is paramount to every successful fuel distributor. But with the demand for such a variation of products now being made available, gaining access to sufficient volumes of the right grade at the right time is not always straight forward, particularly if it means you are dependent on access to a terminal.

This was the case for loyal customer Standard Fuel Oils, who have recently established demand from their clients for two specialist grades of fuel, neither of which were previously stocked at their Knowsley depot, and obtaining the new product incurred a trip to Stanlow refinery to load.

With existing storage allocated to regular kero, gas and derv, Managing Director Nick Goodwin decided that a re-organisation and upgrade of the depot storage and loading facility was required in order to be able to provide his customers with the level of service that they strive to offer.

To this end, Nick approached Alpeco and EA Projects in search of a solution. Alpeco’s two-arm modular bottom load skid extension was the perfect solution for loading the company’s road tankers with the new products

The two-arm extension is equipped with the same 7.5 Kw pumps and Liquid Controls M25 flow meters as was fitted to the existing three-arm skid which Alpeco had installed some five years ago.

The existing vapour recovery and HLCO rack monitor were retained and reconfigured for use with the now five-arm installation.

Contract partners EA Projects undertook the task of installing the two-am extension and at the same time replaced the existing mechanical registers and meter valves with VEGA T electronic controllers and OCV digital control valves along with a completely new tank gauging system and computer-based fuel management system

The joint venture between Alpeco and EA Projects saw the complete project, built, installed, calibrated and commissioned on time and within budge. The new installation has massively increased the efficiency of Standard Fuels’ operation.

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