Demountable Skids Give Flexibility to Williams Shipping and John A Smith & Son

Demountable Skids Give Flexibility to Williams Shipping and J A Smith & Son

Southampton based Williams Shipping are authorised distributors for Exxon and Castrol and have been delivering marine lubricants to ports and docks around the UK for over 60 years.

The Williams fleet of articulated trailers and rigid curtain-side trucks was initially intended for transporting general haulage or IBC’s full of oil, but when tasked with dispensing high-quality lubricants direct to ships and other sea faring vessels, Jonathan Williams acknowledged that specialist equipment was required.

Having worked with Alpeco on previous projects, Jonathan presented Alpeco with the challenge of equipping his trailer fleet with a pump and metering solution which would satisfy the requirements for port side metered deliveries of marine lubricants without compromising the “General Haulage” use of the trailer and without having to dedicate tractor and trailer combinations.

Alpeco’s EDDLODS (“Engine Driven Demountable Lube Oil Dispensing System”) fitted the bill perfectly. A CAD designed, galvanized steel, demountable skid frame provides mounting for all components including a Hatz engine driven hydraulic system powering a variable speed 2.5” pump, 2” LC M7 meter with Truck III electronic register.  Collins Youldon Catherine reel with 2” delivery hose, hose reel blow down system and radio remote control are also included.

The skid which is dimensionally the same size as two IBC’s, operates totally independently from the truck, and is used for deliveries of between 250 to 20000 litres of multiple grades of marine oils. Furthermore, EDDLODS enables Williams Shipping to turn any of their general haulage trucks in to specialist pump vehicles with only the use of a fork lift truck.

A second unit was also built and supplied to another long term Alpeco client, J A smith and Sons of Peterhead in Scotland. Their EDDLODS was of a similar configuration to the William’s unit except that it was a dual system with two pumps, meters, reels etc.

With depots in Peterhead and Fraserburgh, J A Smith specialise in fuel and lubricant delivery to fishing boats, support vessels and other seaborne traffic throughout the ports and harbours around Scotland.

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