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Established in 2008, CNC Petroleum is aiming to become the largest and most professional distributor in Singapore and Malaysia.

Following the successful completion of a project to install Alpeco tank and electronic metering equipment across their tanker fleet, CNC approached Alpeco to help them fulfill the requirements of recently acquired contract for ship refuelling.

We were asked to design, build and deliver two high speed dispensing (bunkering) units to be installed on a jetty at Penjuru in Singapore. The dispensers were required for refuelling a range of vessels from small leisure craft to large boats with diesel at flow rates of 100 LPM or 500 LPM depending on the type of boat and volume required.

Both units were to be installed on an existing pad on the jetty where the actual operating envelope was quite restricted. This meant careful consideration had to be given to the design of the dispensers in order that the operator could access and operate the equipment safely and efficiently when refuelling on either side of the jetty.

Each dispenser was equipped with a single 3” Liquid Controls flow meter and VEGA T electronic register which controls and measures fuel being dispensed via a 1” or 2” delivery hose system, all dispensing equipment is housed inside stainless steel enclosures for protection against the elements.

The two VEGA T registers are interfaced with a computer based fuel management system supplied by EA Projects, which has to recognise the user I.D pin code and vessel number before loading can commence, once authorised the system will automatically select the correct fill rate by means of switching a valve to direct flow through the 1” or 2” delivery hose.

With Health and Safety and the Marine environment in mind each of the dispensers was equipped with a number of interlocks which ensured that delivery hoses have to be correctly stowed after refuelling before a delivery docket can be produced, in addition flashing beacons indicate which hose system has been selected whilst a radio remote control allows the operator to stop a delivery quickly irrespective of whether he is on a boat or at the end of the jetty.

Alpeco undertook the complete design and build project at their Aylesbury premises with both systems being fully wet tested before they were packed and delivered via air freight to Singapore in early March 2017 where they were installed, commissioned and are now operating successfully in line with CNC’s requirements.

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