Bespoke Pump and Flow Meter Trolley

Using a customised pump and flow meter trolley gives you the flexibility to move pumping equipment around your factory so one pump can be used on multiple tanks.


At Alpeco we can design and develop customised solutions for your factory or depot needs. .

We can develop these pump & flow meter trolleys to offer a complete metering package by fitting a Liquid Controls positive displacement flow meter to the system. When adding a meter to the trolley you can have a pre-set function as well as a printer.  We have installed 415v 3 phase motor and hydraulic driven pumps onto trolleys

Alpeco uses standard industrial trolleys and combined with our standard range for meters and pumps so we can offer you a complete bespoke system with a short lead time.

Contact Adrian Baskott on 01296 619510 or to discuss your requirements.

Customised Pump and Flow Meter IBC Dispensing Trolley

Examples of our bespoke Flow Meter Trollies

Flowmeter Trolley for global aviation company

Aviation Calibration Flow Meter Trolley for Global Aerospace Company

Alpeco were approached by a global aviation company to design and build several flow meter trollies to assist with the calibration of tanks and testing of aircraft around the world.